Premium Hosting

Over our 20+ years of building custom websites, we found ourselves frequently explaining to clients that inferior hosting was to blame for the slow performance of their sites. Budget hosting is also notoriously outdated, which limits our ability to utilize the latest technologies to build the websites we want to build. Thats why we decided to develop our own premium hosting.

All Packages Include

  • 1,000 MB Pure SSD Space
  • 100 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 1 Database
  • 1 Primary Domain
MH1 $25/mo MH2 $85/mo MH3 $145/mo
Total Hosting Management

Never deal with clunky hosting panels or FTP software again. All of our hosting packages include the ongoing management of your hosting server, including updates and DNS configuration.

Industry-Leading Performance

All hosting packages include state-of-the-art pure SSD disk space, fed by four top-tire internet connections, and are served up by LiteSpeed, a server technology that's up to 533% faster than the typical Apache installations used by most hosts.

Proactive Monitoring

Our automated systems monitor your website 24/7 to ensure uptime and reliability. Any potential issues are recognized and dealt with automatically or by a technician quickly and efficiently.

Loss Prevention

Our systems back up your entire website and database multiple times per week in multiple locations. In the event of accidental data loss, our technicians can restore your data to a previous day.

Domain Maintenance

Our hosting includes free domain management, registration, and renewals for any domain hosted on your account, so you'll never need to worry about missing a registrar bill and losing your domain name. We also filter the scams and phishing attempts which are regularly received by domain owners.

CMS Maintenance & Security

Once a month, our technicians will update your CMS base and plugins to the latest versions. This will empower your website with the latest features and security that your CMS offers. Updates are performed on a development server before going live to minimize downtime.

SEO Maintenance

Each month, we'll search for indicators that your website may be having trouble, such as an increase in 404 (page not found) errors, visitor traffic to missing pages, Google indexing issues, Google My Business issues, Google Search Console errors, and more!

Analytics & Reporting

Once a month, our SEO experts will analyze your website and send a detailed analysis of visitor flow, demographics, and sources, as well as a list of recommendations for steps that can be taken to improve your search engine ranking. Our report also includes health monitoring for your website CMS, plugins, and Google services including Search Console and My Business

Monthly Add-ons

  • $8 / 1,000 MB SSD Space
  • $10 / 100 GB Bandwidth
  • $10 / Database
  • $10 / Primary Domain
  • $2 / Forwarded Domain
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Built for Speed

Powerful Equipment

As websites become more interactive, they require more resources and faster internet connections to load quickly. In order to provide our clients with the fastest hosting possible, we utilize state-of-the-art server equipment and multiple internet connections. We also go to great lengths to ensure that your website is performing at maximum speed at all times. Put simply, our hosting unlocks the full potential of your site.

of visitors will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load
of users are less likely to return to your site if they had a bad experience

Sites Per Server

The unfortunate truth about hosting is that most companies oversell their infrastructure. To keep prices low, hosting companies stuff as many accounts and users as possible into their servers. This leaves websites starved for resources and bandwidth, resulting in slow loading speeds, instability, and downtime when the machines reach their limits.

We never oversell resources. Our servers are actively load-balanced and monitored 24/7. If any unusually high resource use is detected, our servers are automatically reconfigured to give your site the memory, bandwidth, and processing power it needs. Furthermore, our web servers utilize a technology known as LiteSpeed which is up to 533% faster than the typical Apache installations used by most hosts. The performance increase is dramatic.

100% solid state storage for the fastest access possible
0 TIER-1
internet providers for maximum bandwidth, throughput and redundancy


Controlled Environment

In a typical shared hosting environment (like the ones offered by our competitors), more accounts on one server means a higher risk of attack by other users. Even if the attack isn’t deliberate, a renegade website can cause so much stress on the server that your site can go down, or worse, lose integrity and become corrupted or lost. If you store sensitive information on your website, such as customer information or credit card numbers, shared hosting is even scarier. Hacking this information is much easier from inside your server, and with some hosts, there could be tens of thousands of other users with internal access to the machine that serves your site.

Admin-level access to My Tech Tailor servers is restricted to only the most experienced and accountable team members. We keep our servers patched and monitored to ensure the safest environment possible for your website. Each hosting account is isolated from all other accounts to provide maximum security.

Redundancy and Backups

Even the most well-maintained machines and internet connections will eventually fail. That’s why all of our hardware and internet connections are backed by duplicate machines and connections. If for some reason your server goes down, another server will step in to take its place seamlessly. If for any reason one (or three!) of our multiple Tier 1 internet connections loses connectivity, your website won’t skip a beat.

Speaking of redundancy, all websites hosted by My Tech Tailor are backed up in at least four locations by multiple technologies and storage devices. Snapshots of your website are taken as often as every five minutes and can be restored quickly and efficiently in the event of mechanical failure, hacking, software bugs, or any other catastrophic loss. We take backups and data loss prevention very seriously. Your data is in good hands at My Tech Tailor.

Fully Managed

All My Tech Tailor hosting plans include the complete management of your domains and hosting. You'll never need to worry again about domain registration and renewals, DNS, hosting misconfigurations, or anything server-related.

24/7 Monitoring

The backbone of our Managed Hosting is our proactive monitoring. All aspects of our hardware, software and bandwidth are actively monitored by automated systems as well as our expert system administrators. Individual accounts are also monitored for resource usage and service uptime. This means if your website is even beginning to show signs of overuse or instability, we can catch the problem before it causes downtime or sluggishness.

In addition to proactive server monitoring, we provide managed traffic analysis and SEO services. Our experts will install, maintain and monitor Google Analytics for your website. We’ll even generate reports upon request so you can see who your visitors are, where they’re coming from, and what you can do to increase traffic. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we’ll happily provide login credentials. SEO support and consultations are proactive and ongoing.

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