Eric Kelley

When our friends at ID Company asked us to develop the new website for Eric Kelley, we knew their elegant, yet simple design would provide the opportunity for an engaging user experience. Smooth animations, custom photo galleries, and a clean CMS are just a few features of this gorgeous site.

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Design with a Purpose

Clean and Fast

Research indicates that you have ten seconds to capture the attention of your visitor before they decide to stay or move on. Inside these few seconds, page loading speed, visual presentation, and content quality are everything. That's why we strive to balance clean, engaging design with user friendliness and optimization. It's important that your visitors feel comfortable navigating your website and are able to absorb your content with the least amount of effort possible.

Ten seconds - the average time it takes a visitor to decide to leave or stay on your website

Thoughtful Style

Websites are an interactive experience. This makes it especially important to analyze every element on your website to determine its function and purpose. Where do you want to lead the user? Are you selling a product? Collecting demographic data? Capturing leads and contact information? Websites should be pretty to look at, but at the end of the day, you want to convert visitors into customers. Objective-based planning leads to quality content and results.

Future Ready

of mobile search happens at work or home, even though a computer may be accessible

Device Friendly

The use of mobile devices (for example, smartphones and tablets) to access the internet has increased exponentially in recent years. It's important that your website be just as impressive and easy to use on a mobile device as it is on a desktop computer. This new demand has been met by the concept of responsive design. In fact, you can see responsive design in action on this very site; simply resize your browser's width and watch as this site dynamically reshapes itself to fit.

of web users are unlikely to return to a site which gave them trouble on a mobile device

Quality Development

We build our websites from scratch. This means we have complete control over all aspects of our projects, from design and development to launch and hosting. We strive to meet the most recent best practices in all departments and programming languages, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, jQuery, and MySQL. For you, the end result is a modern, polished website with a fantastic user experience that's tailored to your requirements from start to finish.

Easy to Use

Content You Can Manage

Say goodbye to clunky, difficult content management systems. Our CMS is simple, well planned, and incredibly intuitive.

In fact, many of our clients require no training whatsoever to edit their own website content, and are shocked at the simplicity of the process. Simply log in, choose the area of the site you’d like to edit, and make your changes. You can easily preview changes before going live, and undo changes if you make a mistake. All areas of the CMS are customized and designed to fit the needs of your specific site.


So your site is completed—what now? Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end at launch. Your website is an investment, and ongoing care and maintenance is imperative to maximize your return. We provide the ongoing support your website needs.

  • Fully managed hosting
  • Ongoing design and content modifications
  • CMS support and updates
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Traffic analytics and conversions
  • Campaign monitoring and support
  • Site and database backup and restoration
  • 3rd party integration, including payment gateway, CRM, social networking, and other API needs.
  • Browser compatibility for both desktop and mobile devices

The Complete Package

MyTechTailor website design and development goes hand-in-hand with our other tools and services. Our Managed Hosting provides blazing fast loading speeds for your website and ensures the safety of your data. Our SEO services will increase traffic to your website and improve your ranking with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Every web project is unique. Therefore, our website pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis to ensure a customized package and fair price. Whether you're in the market for a brand new website, or simply need to repair your old one, contact us now for a consultation and free estimate.

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