Tech Support

Our technicians are available in the Nashville, TN area to install, repair, and maintain your equipment.
We connect remotely and securely to provide assistance anywhere you have an internet connection.


With modern hardware, workloads can be optimized, reduced, and shared easily. We're here to help you choose the right equipment, properly install it, and keep it running at peak performance. We set your equipment up correctly from the start, saving you the hassle of fixing any mistakes down the road.

  • Equipment selection and installation
  • File server implementation and solutions
  • Computer installation and setup
  • Wired and wireless network printing
  • Troubleshooting and repair


When planned and installed correctly, your network provides the backbone for fast Internet access, file collaboration, storage, backup, and printing services. We utilize the latest networking technologies to ensure reliable operation and minimum maintenance.

  • Network installation, optimization, and troubleshooting
  • Internet speed analysis and optimization
  • Wired/wireless network configurations


Software shouldn't just work, it should be pleasant to work with. Your interaction with your data can be a seamless, productive experience. We'll take a look at your current configuration and offer solutions to improve your workflow.

  • Software selection, integration and migration
  • File collaboration solutions
  • Cloud service implementation
  • Project management
  • Office suite installation and configuration


Are your computers steadily slowing to a crawl? This is most often a case of software bloat. Vendors and software makers have a bad habit of filling your system with unnecessary extras and processes, often without notifying you. Regular cleaning and optimization can reverse and prevent this slowdown.

  • Operating system cleaning and optimization
  • Virus removal and prevention
  • Software maintenance and upgrades


Your data is susceptible to storage failures, electrical surges, accidental deletion, natural disasters, and a host of other catastrophic scenarios. We'll securely and automatically duplicate your files in multiple locations, both on-site and off-site, to ensure they survive any unforeseen disasters.

  • Automated local, remote, and cloud-based backup solutions
  • File server backup
  • Data redundancy and RAID configuration
  • Virus protection and removal


Stop struggling with your email. Our modern email and spam solutions provide a streamlined interface so you can communicate more easily and efficiently, while maintaining a professional appearance to your customers.

  • Browser, cloud, and software based solutions
  • Spam prevention and management
  • Custom domain integration, i.e.


On-Site Support: $100 service charge + $100/hour

Remote Support: $75/hour

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