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What is SEO?

Improved Results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the application of techniques and strategies designed to improve the search engine ranking of your website. SEO makes your website more appealing to search engines by targeting content, improving programming, building a network of links, and utilizing external resources.

Quality Traffic

The ultimate goal of SEO is to climb the results of search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, for the purpose of increasing quality, targeted visitors to your site. Quality visitors don’t just browse your site; they make purchases, engage articles, submit forms, and benefit your business.

Why MyTechTailor SEO?

Achievable Goals

The SEO market has become so flooded with scams and empty promises that the mere mention of the term ‘SEO’ makes some business owners cringe. This is unfortunate, because SEO is very real and very attainable. While it’s unlikely that your website will jump from page 8 to page 1 overnight, with strategy and continued effort, the results can be dramatic and, more importantly, measurable. We employ tools to measure the success of our SEO strategies, and make adjustments when necessary.

Best Practices

Search engines like Google strive to display the most relevant, quality results to their visitors. When done properly, SEO isn’t just good for website owners, but also for visitors who are searching for quality content. To that end, Google publishes a set of guidelines to encourage quality content and programming (and discourage spam). We follow these guidelines so that your website remains in good standing with Google and other search providers.

Fair Pricing

Search engine optimization is a dynamic effort, which is why we don’t believe that a fixed monthly charge makes sense for SEO. That’s why our pricing is based on the amount of actual work done to improve your search engine rankings in the form of line items on our invoice sent to you. Some of our SEO services are “one and done,” others are a continuous effort to improve and maintain rank. All are priced fairly.

There Is No Magic Bullet

From a search engine such as Google’s perspective, a simple keyword or phrase search is an enormously complex process. In a fraction of a second, your website is measured against billions of others, with hundreds of factors taken into account in order to serve the best and most relevant results. We employ the following techniques and strategies to encourage search engines to pick your website over others.

Code Optimization

This is the installation and improvement of key programming factors including meta tags, content structure, loading speeds, crawlability, and other behind-the-scenes elements that indicate to search engines that your site is high quality and your content is relevant.

Keyword Planning

When performing SEO, it’s important to consider your target visitors and the keywords they will likely submit to search engines. We utilize Google AdWords Planner and Ubersuggest to create a solid foundation of workable keywords.

Keyword Analysis

Once your target keywords are determined, we then analyze your website content and meta tags to determine whether these words and phrases appear important and relevant to search engines.

Fresh Content

Search engines crawl your site continuously. Sites with fresh, dynamic content are favored over stale, static sites, so it’s important to provide new and relevant content continuously in the form of blogging, news articles, and social posting.

Content Quality

Google has made it very clear that they favor content created for humans, not search engines. We strive to strike a balance with content that appeals to visitors and search engines alike, so you don’t end up annoying customers or, even worse, triggering Google’s spam detectors.

Domain Optimization

What’s in your domain name? Depending on your situation, it may be worthwhile to change or consolidate your domains to focus traffic and search engines to the appropriate content.


Google recommends that websites which meet certain criteria submit a sitemap for proper indexing. Sitemaps are especially important for websites that blog or release news articles on a regular basis.

Link Strategy

“Authority” is the term used in SEO to describe a search engine’s opinion of the importance and trustworthiness of your website. An authoritative site is referenced by other respected websites and individuals in the form of links and social sharing. It’s important to promote this behavior with engaging content and social networking.

Social Integration

The new algorithms employed by Google, Bing, and other major search engines take into account the activity of your website on social networks, including Yelp, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, TripAdvisor, and more. It’s important to integrate these networks with your website and encourage visitors to engage, share, and review your content.

Google Services

Google provides (and of course, recommends) a range of services to monitor your website health and manage your Google presence. It's important that your website and physical business location are properly integrated with these services to increase your authority with Google and achieve the highest rank possible.


Like most of our services, our SEO pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis to ensure a customized package and fair price. Contact us now for a free audit of your current website and content.

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